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October 9, 2013:
New 2014 model year bras have been added to the site. Buy in advance to beat the Christmas rush!


Bug Protection:

In the South, Love Bugs are known to cause paint damage, and are darned hard to remove with washing, so a bra will at least keep your paint nice.

Vehicle Front Protection

Why You Need a Vinyl or Clear Plastic Car Bra.

Front End CoverThe leading edge of your car cuts through the air like a knife, or at least it should. As a result, everything that is occupying that air space tends to hit the front of your car with much more force that at any other point in the airstream. Even the bugs and rocks that hit your windshield are being deflected upward slightly by the force of the air moving around your car, but the front end gets no such luck. Almost any unprotected vehicle that is a few years old will show the wear from dirt, rocks, sand, and bugs on the leading edge of the hood, the grille, and so on. This is why our friends with plastic headlight covers have to replace the plastic, but replacing factory paint isn't so easy. Furthermore, if you are lucky enough to live in "love bug" country, you know that twice a year a swarm of small flying bugs is going to not only hit your car, but eat the paint. This is where the car bra, or front end cover, comes into play.

Vehicle front end protection is usually made of vinyl or clear plastic, but the job is the same. It is the vest that stops the bullets. It also helps slow down larger rocks, but you only get so much protection given that force equals mass times accelleration, and you probably accelerate as often as possible. Front end covers take a lot of punishment in this regard, but they add quite a bit of style to your car while they also keep the front from looking like a trip to the sand blaster. Most of the popular front end covers are made by Covercraft, LeBra, Colgan Custom, and Speed Lingerie. Speed Lingerie front end covers are among the best, but the color matching done is above and beyond most buyers. (Ferrari drivers can keep reading.) LeBra and Colgan are known to do some specialized colors, but most bras that aren't clear are made of a top grain vinyl, with cowhide or carbon fiber impression. When ordering a bra, always consider the vehicle, how fast you are planning on driving it, and the proper fit, because a flapping bra is kind of like a piece of sandpaper, since it tends to get sand under it while it flops your paint job into a nice metallic silver.

Currently we feature the LeBra front end cover, which is the most popular brand on the market today, as well as the most inexpensive. It handles very well under a lot of circumstances, and is also the easiest to install, though just about any front end cover is fairly easy for the larger front portion, and more complicated for the hood piece, which has a tighter fit.

General Instructions for installing a vehicle front end cover:

1. Wait until it is warm outside, or install it in a warm garage. Vinyl is less stretchy and pliable at lower temperatures.

2. If anything starts to tear, stop. Sometimes you have the wrong bra for the application.

3. Make sure everything is nice and tight when it is installed. Flapping causes damage to paint, and will wear out the cover in a short amount of time.

4. Models like the Lebra and Covercraft bra have a panel for the front license plate, if you state requires one. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for opening this spot. Normally the Colgan model needs to be ordered with or without a license plate opening, so know your local laws (and if they're about to change.)

5. Make sure all contact surfaces are clean and waxed! Any dirt under the covers will act like sandpaper.

History of the front end cover: Bill Colgan is credited with manufacturing the first front end cover for Porsches in the early 1960s. Even today, the term "original car bra" references the Colgan bra that was originally made for a Porsche 356. The front-end bra of today is made with more stetchy vinyls and does not necessarily have to come in black coloring. It can also have a carbon-fiber texture. Companies like Speed Lingerie are the top-end for covers, but LeBra offers an affordable alternative.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: The manufacturer's installation instructions should always be followed.